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Davidson College EcoVoyagers

Are you committed to mindful and sustainable travel and living?  Apply to be a Davidson College EcoVoyager! This grant program encourages students to be responsible and sustainable travelers, and to share their experiences within the College community.

Program Overview

The EcoVoyager Grant is a an initiative of the Office of Education Abroad & Away designed to help promote responsible, environmentally mindful travel and living practices within the Davidson College community and beyond.

Students studying off campus on a semester or academic year program may apply to be an EcoVoyager as part of their Davidson study abroad application.  Those selected will receive a grant of $300 to be used while engaging in and reporting on sustainable travel and living practices during their off campus study program

EcoVoyagers Logo
Two bicycles leaning against a colorful wall.  DIS Copenhagen, Fall 2023

Eligibility & Requirements

In order to be eligible for an EcoVoyager grant, students must:

  • Be accepted to an approved Davidson or partner semester or academic year program

  • Agree to adhere to sustainable living practices while abroad

  • Submit brief monthly reflections regarding their experiences and observations about sustainable travel and practices at/around their program's location
Contact an OEAA advisor with any questions!